About Us

Mirzapur Official is an online news platform dedicated to providing unbiased news, interviews, entertainment, and educational articles for the people of the Mirzapur district. Registered as a private company under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, since September 8, 2014, the website has been using digital technology to broadcast information and raise awareness in the district.

The platform operates independently, free from any political affiliation, official influence, or institutional bias. Its mission is to provide the public with accurate and up-to-date news about Mirzapur City and surrounding areas. Mirzapur Official is the district’s first registered web news portal, and it upholds the principles of free journalism and expression.

Mirzapur Official is an online media outlet for the Mirzapur district, registered as a private company with the Indian Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. Its main objective is to disseminate information and awareness to the people of Mirzapur and entertain them through digital technology. Mirzapur Official is not affiliated with any government, official, political party, or institution, and it operates independently with complete freedom of journalism and expression.

Mirzapur Official is proud to be the first registered web news portal in Mirzapur and has been providing coverage on various issues in the district for the past nine years without any financial gain or assistance. Its Facebook page, Mirzapur Official, is the largest in the district, with over three lakh followers, and its monthly readership is more than 29 million.

Over the past nine years, Mirzapur Official has shed light on many burning issues in the district without any economic benefit or support, which has helped the concerned officials to resolve those issues. The people of Mirzapur rely heavily on this outlet for news and information.